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Amplifiers previously produced in Fort Worth, TX during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The Charvel/Jackson Guitar company was founded in 1978 after Grover Jackson bought out Wayne Charvel's Guitar Repair shop in Azusa, California. As the bolt-neck custom-built Charvel guitars gained popularity with the up-and-coming West Coast rock musicians, it became a necessity that standardized models were established. By 1983, neck-through designs were introduced with the Jackson logo on the headstock. Jackson/Charvel was first licensed (in 1985) and later acquired (in 1986) by the International Music Company (IMC) of Fort Worth, Texas. It was around this time that Jackson introduced their first amplifiers. 1980s models include the Apogee 50 Combo and the JG tube head models. In 1994, they introduced the Reference series and listed the Apogee 50 Combo as well. There is speculation that early models were designed by Lee Jackson, Laney of England built them, and Jackson marketed them under their name. However, the newer Reference Series were advertised as being all made in the U.S. and designed by Steve Mauriello. In 1995, a Charvel/Jackson brochure advertised that they were going to introduce a Reference 30 model as well, but it is unlikely it ever went into production. By the mid-1990s, Jackson discontinued all production of amplifiers and hasn't produced any since. In 2002, FMIC (Fender) bought Jackson and currently produces and distributes Jackson guitars. Please refer to the Blue Book of Electric Guitars for more information on Jackson guitars.

From Blue Book Publications:

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