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Amplifiers previously produced by the MacClane Corporation in Brentwood, TN between 2004 and 2008.
Heritage Amplifiers of Tennessee was formed by Malcolm MacDonald and Lane Zastrow in January, 2004. Lane Zastrow has experience from working with Mike Holland at Holland Amplifiers, and in January 2004, Zastrow leased the former Holland amplifier facility and turned it into a dedicated Heritage amplifier facility. Heritage actually used the same address and phone number as Holland Amplifiers.
Heritage Guitars and Heritage amplifiers are two different companies; however there is some affiliation between the two names. When Heritage was building amplifiers, they were linked to each others' websites, and they were marketed together at shows, etc. Heritage Amplifiers of Tennessee was completely owned by Maclane, which is different from Heritage Guitars.
All Heritage amplifiers are hand-wired, point-to-point, and they used custom-made transformers. Kenny Burrell has a signature amplifier as well. Heritage also had a Cabinet Works division that built boutique and reproduction cabinets for many popular manufacturers. Heritage stopped producing amplifiers in 2008.

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