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Amplifiers currently built in Asheville, NC since 2002. Distributed by Headstrong Amplifiers.
Wayne Jones and Jessica Winterbottom founded Headstrong Amplifiers in 2002. They produce tube head amps, combos, and speaker cabinets in a variety of configurations based on Fender blackface and brownface designs and cosmetics. Headstrong's first amps were based on Fender's tweed designs, and they produced these in 2002 and 2003. In 2004, they developed their first blackface replica amps with the Lil' King reverb which was the first replica based on a 1964 blackface Fender Princeton Reverb. Later in 2004, Headstrong introduced their second blackface design called the Royal Reverb based on the blackface Deluxe Reverb. The Prima Series was introduced. In mid-2006, Headstrong introduced their first original designs as part of the Prima Series, and the first model introduced was the Prima 30. In 2007, Headstrong introduced the first hand-wired replica of the 1963 brownface Fender Vibroverb. In 2008, Headstrong introduced the Lil King S and Wayne's brother Jesse took over cabinet production. All amps have hand-wired chassis and can be biased to use various power tubes. Their cabinets feature solid pine and finger joints and they have a unique look to them with diagonal slats for the grille openings. Amps start at $1,525. For more information, visit Headstrong's website or contact them directly.

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