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Amplifiers and speaker cabinets currently produced in Ashbury Park, NJ and overseas. Hartke amplifiers are distributed worldwide by the Samson Technology Corp. in Hauppauge, NY. The Hartke trademark was established in 1984.
The Hartke Amplifier company was co-founded by Larry Hartke and Ron Lorman in 1984/85. In the late 1970s, Lorman was an engineer at the Bottom Line Club in New York City where he and Hartke began experimenting with aluminum cone drivers. Aluminum driver cone speakers gave bass a clearer sound with broader dynamics - something that bassists did not have access to previously. Bassist Jaco Pastorius heard a prototype, and suggested Hartke and Lorman build one for him. This first model was equipped with 8-10 in. aluminum cone driver speakers and a plate on it that states "THE FIRST HARTKE BASS CABINET, CUSTOM BUILT IN 1984 FOR JACO PASTORIUS." Shortly after this, many big name musicians were using more prototype cabinets that Hartke and Lorman were esentially giving away to get their name out. In 1985, the first Hartke production models were produced with the 410XL model (4-10 in. speakers). Since then, Hartke has expanded their line and they offer several models of bass amplifiers, bass cabinets, bass combo units, guitar amps, and acoustic amps. Hartke cabinets stand out because of their aluminum cones that can be seen from the front of the amp. They also have produced some solid-body bass guitars made of wood and aluminum. For more information, visit Hartke's website or contact them directly.

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