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Amplifiers and speaker cabinets previously produced in England from 1993 to 2000.
Harry Joyce had been involved in electronics for most of his life. During WWII, a couple of Americans taught Joyce military-spec construction. This military-spec construction can be found in HIWATT amplifiers as Dan Reeves contracted Joyce to build HIWATT amps with this construction in the 1960s and 1970s. From then until 1993, Joyce worked for the British Ministry of Defense as an electrical contractor of sorts. In 1993, Joyce took his knowledge in military-spec construction and applied it to his own brand of amplifiers. These new amps were based on the old HIWATT design with significant improvements including and extra gain stage, redesigned transformers, and an effects loop. Joyce retired from the amp business in the fall of 2000, and died January 12, 2002.

In 2015 it was announced that a group led by President Kevin Wood, Head of Research & Development George Scholz, and consultant Charles Bertonazzi would launch Harry Joyce USA in Sarasota, FL. Both Scholz and Bertonazzi worked alongside Harry Joyce during his legendary career. The new company is dedicated to the legacy of Joyce and debuted with three amplifier models in it's initial line, the HJ Custom 30, HJ Custom 50, and HJ Custom 100 head-units. HJ USA will soon be expanding their line to include combo amps, bass amps, and preamps. For more information visit the Harry Joyce USA website at http://harryjoyce.com

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