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Amplifiers previously produced in San Fernando, CA between 1989 and 2008. The Groove Tubes trademark was established in 1979.
In the late 1970s, Aspen Pittman hired a few technicians to figure out why tubes acted and performed the way they did. What these people found were new ways to test and perfect tubes. From this research and new information, Pittman started Groove Tubes (GT) as a tube manufacturing company. GT is probably best known for their excellent guitar amp tubes, but they have also ventured in other areas as well. In 1985, GT patented the Fathead, which was a weight that clamped onto the headstock to add weight and sustain. In fall of 1985, The Speaker Emulator was born along with Pittman's new company called GT Electronics that was formed to develop guitar pre-amps, tube guitar amps, and guitar speaker systems. The first Groove Tubes amps were introduced in 1989. In 1997 the SFX design was debuted, which stands for Stereo Field Expansion and is used in the Fender Acoustisonic series. Possibly the best achievement for Aspen and GT is the Tube Amp Book. It is currently in its fifth edition, and there are over 110,000 copies in print. GT sells all kinds of replacement tubes and tube related products for American and British amplifiers. In summer 2008, the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation (FMIC) purchased Groove Tubes; however, Pittman remains part of GT as a consultant. Fender has reorganized Groove Tubes to focus on tube production and they no longer produce amplifiers. For more information, visit GT's website or contact them company directly.

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