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Amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and effects currently produced in the Czech Republic since 1991. Previously distributed in the U.S. by European Musical Imports, Inc. in Hillsdale, NJ.
George Dennis amplifiers have been produced since 1996, but the story of the company goes back to 1973. The president of the company today, George Burgerstein, was playing in a band with Alex Bajger, who is the designer and developer of the company. Alex showed George an amp he had designed, and George liked it so much he sold his Vox AC-30 and used Alex's exclusively. In 1983, after the band had broken up, George and another friend, Martin, worked to create "The Blue Amplifier," until Martin was killed in a car accident. The amplifier project was put on hold, but in 1991, George started producing effect pedals under the George Dennis trademark. In 1996, George met up with Alex again and the two became partners to create the Blue Amplifier once again. Since these two men have so much experience in the music industry, their prototype amplifier, "The Blue," is a "truly terrific guitar amplifier." Currently, George Dennis Ltd., produces a full line of amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and effect pedals. For more information, visit George Dennis' website or contact them directly.

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