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Amplifiers previously produced in Milwaukee, WI between the late 1940s and the early 1960s.
Flot-A-Tone produced a wide variety of tube amplifiers between the late 1940s and the early 1960s. They were based in Milwaukee, WI, and possibly distributed by the LoDuca brothers (also of EKO fame). There are a few variations in story about what happened to the company, but the general opinion seems to be that the Koss Corporation bought the company or Flot-A-Tone turned into Koss in the mid-1960s. When the company changed hands, Flot-A-Tone amps were discontinued.
There are several Flot-A-Tone different models out there, and most often, no two are alike as rumor has it that they built these amps as they were ordered. They are known for having a great tremolo system and being built well. Most models feature a red and white covering with a refridgerator-style handle on top. Noted artists G.E. Smith of the Saturday Night Live band and Ry Cooder are known for playing Flot-A-Tones. Any information on Flot-A-Tone can be submitted directly to Blue Book Publications.

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