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Amplifiers previously produced in London, England between circa 1960 and 1965
Henry Weill built Fenton-Weill amplifiers in the early 1960s. In 1959, Weill and Jim Burns (see Burns) produced a few guitars under the name Burns-Weill. This partnership didn't last long and by the end of 1959, the two had each gone their own way. Weill continued to build guitars under the name Weill-London, but soon changed it to Fenton-Weill (Fenton comes from a name of a Burns-Weill guitar model). Weill started building guitar amplifiers around this time as well. By 1963, Weill operated out of his own factory in London and employed up to fifteen people. He also built guitars and amplifiers for other companies such as Hohner and Selmer. However, Weill couldn't manage the financial aspect of his company and filed bankruptcy in 1965. After Fenton-Weill went under, he continued to produce PA units and other miscellaneous amplifiers in his basement. Information courtesy: Tim Fletcher and Steve Russell.

From Blue Book Publications:

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