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Amplifiers currently produced in Corona, CA since 2009. Distributed by FMIC in Scottsdale, AZ.
The EVH (Eddie Van Halen) brand was launched in 2007 as a joint-venture between Van Halen and Fender. The first project released under the EVH brand was a replica of his original Frankenstein guitar built by the Fender Custom Shop. The EVH Frankenstein (Last MSR was $25,000) has all the oddball features Eddie's guitar had including the cutout pickup cavity with humbucker, masking tape pick holder, truck reflectors on the back, and handcrafted black pickguard. Every scratch, ding, stripe, and cigarette burn are accounted for as well. This Frankenstein was a limited edition with 300 guitars scheduled for production. In 2009, EVH introduced the new Wolfgang model, which was completely developed with Eddie Van Halen around his famous Wolfgang design body. EVH also produces the third installment of the EVH 5150 guitar amplifier. For more information visit EVH's website or contact them directly.

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