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Amplifiers currently produced in Munich, Germany since 1993.
In the 1980s, Peter Diezel began modifying Marshall amps and he met Peter Stapfer, who was a pro-musician. They came together to form Diezel Amplification in 1993. In 1994, the first VH4 was introduced. In 2002, the Herbert was introduced. In 2003, Diezel moved from Munich to Bad Steban (Bavaria). In 2005, the Einstein model (named after Diezel's dog) was introduced, and they started production on a bassamp model called Lucy. In 2006, they started work on a Class A model called the Schmidt. They offer all-tube amplifier heads and combos, as well as speaker cabinets. Diezel amplifiers were distributed in the U.S. by Salwender and later by Diezel USA, LLC in Dawsonville, GA. In 2009, Diezel started their own distribution in the U.S. under Diezel USA, LLC, but they are setting up a network of dealers in the U.S. to ship amplifiers directly to them. For more information, visit Diezel's website or contact them directly.

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