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Amplifiers previously produced in Toldeo, OH during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Previously distributed by Rowe Industries.
DeArmond was well-known by their stringed instrument pickups by the 1950s, and they decided to expand their line with a series or amplifiers that were built by Rowe Instruries, in Toledo, OH. DeArmond amps were not highly powerful (typically less than 10W), but they were built with quality components, have Jensen speakers, and are highly regarded as an early high-end botique amp to many collectors/players. Configurations exist in a 1-10 in. combo (R5, R5T), a 1-12 in. combo (R15, R15T), a 1-15 in. combo, and a 2-10 in. combo (R25T). The R5 1-10 in. combo appears to be the most popular. Unlike many other cheaper amps at the time (Supro, Kay, Harmony, etc.), DeArmond's were not cheap. An advertisement from circa 1961 lists prices at $100 for the R5 to $275 for the R25T! It is unknown when they stopped producing amps during the hayday of the guitar boom, but a majority of examples found were produced in either 1959 or 1960. Rowe also built amplifiers for Martin with a C.F. Martin & Co. logo on the front, that were identical in design to the DeArmonds. Jeff Krumm and Savage Audio designed their Macht 6 and Macht 12 amplifiers on the original DeArmond chassis. Any additional information can be submitted directly to Blue Book Publications. Initial information courtesy: The Tonequest Report, July 2004.

From Blue Book Publications:

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