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Amplifiers previously produced in Spartanburg, SC.
Fred Daab built guitar amplifiers in his Spartanburg, SC shop. Daab's philosophy is that it is the player's unique perspective and character that creates tone. His goal as an amp builder/designer is to produce the most responsive guitar amplifier possible. From his point of view, an amplifier should be an extension of how one plays the guitar and not just a louder, tacked-on sound that the speakers emit. Everything, from the angle of your pick/fingernail to the dynamics you feel, should be coming out of the speaker and reaching your audience. Daab offered the Tupelo Honey, which was a 30W amp available in a head or combo configuration and powered by EL84 power tubes. Pricing started at $1,650 for head and $2,050 for a combo. For more information, visit Daab's website or contact him directly.

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