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Amplifiers most recently produced in China. Previously produced in St. Louis, MO. Most recently distributed by LOUD Technologies, Inc. in Woodinville, WA since 2005. Previously distributed by St. Louis Music in St. Louis, MO from 1979 to 2004. The Crate Trademark was established in 1979. LOUD Technologies has discontinued production of Crate Amplifiers.
The Crate trademark was founded in 1979 by St. Louis Music (SLM) during a time when the entire guitar industry was at a time of rebuilding. SLM had distributed amplifiers in the past (Magnatone and EMC), but they have never built them before. The first Crate amps were actually built into a wood cabinet that resembled a wooden crate - hence the name. The amplifiers were also affordable and very successful at a young age. However, the public always considered Crate to be a budget line of inexpensive models since that is how they were introduced. In 1986, (SLM) bought Ampeg from MTI. SLM decided to keep Crate as more of an entry-level line of amps and make Ampeg their top-end models. By 1989, Crate had received its first award as an amplifier maker. Since the mid-1980s, Crate has continued to produce student amps, but they have also built several tube models, as well as a full line of PA products. In 2005, LOUD Technologies, Inc. purchased St. Louis Music, Inc. and all of their trademarks. With this acquisition, the headquarters of St. Louis Music was moved to Woodinville, WA. However, the guitar repair and set-up shop is still located in St. Louis. For more information, visit Crate's website or contact them directly (see Trademark Index). Source: Gregg Hopkins and Bill Moore, Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound.

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