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Amplifiers currently produced in Farmers Branch, TX since 2005.
Steven Scott began building amps as a hobby in 2001 although he had built a few amps before when his kept breaking down. As word of mouth spread, Scott was building a few amps a month and in 2004 he met Don Ritter after he built an amp for him. When the tsunami happened in Asia, Scott built an amp to benefit a few charities helping with the tsunami recovering, and they began throwing around the idea of actually starting an amp company. Hurricanes Rita and Katrina struck around the same time they began building amps, so they decided to name their company and their amps after natural disasters. Category 5 is still actively invovled in charities and they donate 10% of all their sales to charities - customers can also specify what charity they would like to donate to. Ritter is currently the Director of Artist Relations while Scott is the Director of Product Development. For more information, visit Category 5's website or contact them directly.

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