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Amplifiers previously produced in Putnam Valley, NY during the 2000s.
Blockhead Amplification built replica Marshall amps, specializing on the the Plexi-JTM-45 amps of the early 1960s that have a very unique tone and are some of the most sought after amps. Blockhead took the original Marshall designs, blueprints, and parts and recreated them to exact replicas. If replica parts aren't available as standard production, Blockhead had them built customly. Prices started around $2,200 for most head units and $2,350 for combo units, and they also offered speaker cabinets. Designer and builder Ossie Ahsen is now buiding amps with Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford and his guitar tech Greg Howard under the trademark 3 Monkeys Amps.

From Blue Book Publications:

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