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Amplifiers currently produced in Van Nuys, CA since 2011. Previously produced in Houston, TX between 2009 and 2011 and in North Hollywood, CA between 2005 and 2009.
Roy Blankenship built one-off guitar amplifiers for many years before he founded Blankenship Amplification in 2005. According to Blankenship, he felt that there were so many boutique amplifiers around to justify building his own line. However, several of his clients who owned one of his one-off amplifiers, continued to request that Blankenship start his own line, and in 2005, Blankenship Amplification was founded in Houston, TX. Blankenship's amplifiers are custom, hand-built units that deliver the pre-1964 tonal architecture that many players cherish, and he focuses more on playability than bells and whistles. In 2009, Blankenship moved from North Hollywood, CA to Houston, TX and in 2011 returned to the Los Angeles area (Van Nuys) where he continues to build amplifiers. For more information, visit Blankenship's website or contact him directly.

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