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Amplifiers currently produced in San Francisco, CA since 2009.
Bruce Clement builds his unique Amplifier No. 7 amp in a military .50 caliber ammo canister. Clement built a few prototype tube preamps in the ammo cans during the 1990s, but he began building a full guitar amplifier in the canister in 2004. After gigging with the prototype for five years, he introduced the Amplifier No. 7 in 2009. The Amplifier No. 7 (MSR $1,795) and Amplifier No. 8 (MSR $1,895) has a 100% all-tube signal path with true point-to-point wiring, a tube rectifier, and puts out either 15W or 25W depending on the selected power tubes. For more information, visit BC Audio's website or contact them directly.

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