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Powered speaker cabinets and template kits currently produced in Orange, CT. Distributed by Atomic Amplifiers.
Tom King, president of Atomic Amplifiers, liked using his Line 6 POD modular so much that he set out to design a powered speaker cabinet that could act as a docking station for a POD (or other modeling device). Before, there was no way to utilize a POD on-stage or in other live settings (PODs are really designed for headphone use). If you plug a POD directly into another guitar amplifier, the tone and signal path is changed from the natural effects an amp has. You also can't plug it directly into a speaker cabinet, since the POD strictly acts as a preamp. King went to the best designer he knew, Harry Kolbe, presented the idea, and after a product was developed, he started Atomic. The Atomic Reactor houses the modeling unit and drives the sound through a tube-chassis power section out to either 1-12 in. or 2-12 in. speakers. Currently several modeling devices can be used including: the Line 6 POD Classic, XT, and Pro, the Behringer V-Amp, the Vox ToneLab, and others. In 2010, Atomic introduced their New Reactor Series that replaced all previous models. For more information, visit Atomic's website or contact them directly.

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