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Amplifiers currently produced in Essex, England and China (All Access Series) since 1997. Distributed in the U.S. by Korg USA in Melville, NY since mid-2013. Previously distributed in the U.S. by Musiquip, Inc. in Dorval, Quebec, Canada between mid-2011 and mid-2013, Power Group Ltd. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the Musical Distributors Group of Boonton, NJ, EMD Music in Lavergne, TN, and in North and South America by HHB Communications in Los Angeles, CA and Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Ashdown Engineering is a relatively young company with an array of models ranging from acoustic amps to bass amps. Mark Gooday was the managing director of Trace Elliot back in the mid-1980s. After Trace Elliot was sold to Kaman Music in 1992, he worked for Kaman for the next five years on a contract. After his tenure at Kaman and Trace Elliot, Mark left the company in 1997. He took the skills and knowledge he had, and decided to develop a bass amp that brought back real tone and style. Mark worked with old friends and started up his new company, which he called Ashdown after his wife┬┤s family name. The first amps made were named as Klystron Bass Magnifier from a movie. The Klystron name had to be dropped as another company of years ago had used it. Only 200 units were shipped with the Klystron name. After this, the Acoustic Radiator amps made their debut. Now Ashdown Engineering is a world-known amplifier maker and their company grows daily. Ashdown Amplifiers have a VU meter on almost every one of their models, which is almost unique to the company. In September, 2013, Korg USA became the U.S. distributor of Ashdown. For more information, visit Ashdown's website or contact them directly.

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