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Amplifiers currently produced in Windsor, Ontario, Canada since 2010.
Bill Compeau, who is also the co-founder of Ark Amplifiers, started Armstrong Amplification in 2010 that builds guitar amplifiers geared toward the working man's budget. Using the same ultra high quality components and true "hi-fi" level point to point construction that Compeau uses with Ark, Armstrong Amps satisfies the desire for ultra high quality guitar tone in a more traditional rectangle box head shell. Compeau's own distinctive visual style and love for famous war planes helps to set these amps apart in this now very crowded boutique market. Two-channel foot-switchable models (hardware based switching-without relay switches) and transparent tube effects loops are offered as well to satisfy the gigging guitarists need for more versatility in a live situation. According to Compeau, it is only because they now have their new ultra transparent tube effects loop and hardware based (non-relay switch) channel switching system, that they have decided to start offering these very popular features themselves since there is now no compromise to the high sound quality that their reputation is built on. Armstrong's first model is the P-51 and is a 50W amp with KT77 power tubes and no master volume. The amp retails for $1,299 and a $500 down payment is required to start a new build. For more information, contact Compeau directly.

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