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Amplifiers currently produced in Morgan Hill, CA since 1996.
ARACOM Amplifiers was founded in 1996 by Jeff Aragaki in Northern California's Silicon Valley. Aragaki has a degree in electrical engineering, and prior to forming ARACOM, he held a number of key positions within high-tech companies, where he learned many aspects of the business including manufacturing techniques, customer service, management, sales, and marketing.
ARACOM Amplifiers is a small "boutique" amplifier company that specializes in "old school" handwired all-tube guitar amplifiers and high end power attenuators. Their amplifiers feature premium components that are hand soldered onto their custom designed turret boards, and are handwired into a special designed chassis using transformers custom wound to vintage specifications. All of this adds up to sonically rich and versatile amps.
ARACOM offers their Custom Series amplifiers that utilize both ARACOM and Marshall inspired designs that incorporate modern design features. They also offer their Tribute Series amplifiers that are essentially reproductions of Marshall's classics from the 1960s and early 1970s. Additionally, ARACOM offers their Power Rox PRX150 line of power attenuators that provide up to 40dB of attenuation, while maintaining a high level of transparency. All of ARACOM's guitar amplifier products are hand-built and hand soldered with components designed to their specifications and are offered in head or combo configuration. Extension speaker cabinets are also available. For more information, visit ARACOM's website or contact them directly.

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