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Amplifiers currently produced in China. Distributed by AAD in St. Louis, MO. Showroom in Clifton, NJ.
Phil Jones fell in love with the bass guitar at the early age of 13, and ever since then, he has been involved in playing bass guitar and building his own equipment. In 1990, he moved from England to the U.S. and worked for Boston Acoustics for a short while. In 1994, he developed Platinum audio, which specialized in building hi-fi home speakers and studio monitors. In 1998, he founded American Acoustic Development, which also specializes in hi-fi speakers and other products. Circa 2003, Phil took what had worked so well for professional audio and presented it to the bass guitar player. Recently, AAD introduced a small, portable acoustic guitar amplifier. For more information visit AAD's website or contact them directly.

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