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Amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and other accesories currently produced in Huntington Valley, PA since 1998. Distributed by Alessandro.
George Alessandro founded Hound Dog amps in 1994 (see Hound Dog), and changed the company name to Alessandro in 1998. Once the company switched to Alessandro, George started using high-end products such as high-purity grain oriented copper and silver conductors, and improved circuit boards in his amplifiers. All amps feature a tube chassis with circuits developed by George himself, and they come in head only or combo units (speaker cabinets are also available). All of the cabinets for the amps and speakers are made of high-grade woods that can be upgraded and changed on request. In 2001, the Working Dog brand was introduced (see Working Dog). Alessandro also offers speaker cables, instrument cables, parts, components, and vacuum tubes. For more information, visit Alessandro's website or contact them directly (see Trademark Index).

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