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Amplifiers, guitars, basses, and other products currently produced in Santa Rosa, CA. The Alembic trademark was established in 1969. Distributed by Alembic.
The Alembic company was founded in San Francisco in 1969, primarily to incorporate new ways to clarify and amplify the sound of the rock group Grateful Dead. The Alembic workshop covered three main areas: a recording studio, PA/sound reinforcement, and guitar electronics. Wickersham was developing a low impedance pickup coupled with active electronics. Up until this point all electronics in production guitars and basses were passive systems. Artists using these "Alembicized" instruments early on include David Crosby (a Guild 12-string), Jack Casady (Guild bass), and Phil Lesh (SG and Guild basses). Both Bob Weir´s and Jerry Garcia´s guitars were converted as well. Wickersham found that mounting the active circuitry in the instrument itself gave the player a greater degree of control over his tone than ever before. The first F-2B preamp unit shipped out of the factory in 1969. For a complete history, refer to the Blue Book of Electric Guitars. For further information and complete specs, visit Alembic's website or contact them directly (see Trademark Index).

From Blue Book Publications:

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