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Amplifiers and other effects previously produced by Sakata Shokai, Limited in Osaka, Japan between circa 1963 and the 1970s.
Ikutaro Kakehashi founded Ace Electronic Industries, Inc. (better known as Ace Tone) in 1960 as a joint venture with Sakata Shokai in Osaka Japan. Ace Tone produced a variety of musical instruments including organs, drum machines, effects, and amplifiers, but the brand is better known as being the front runner to the Roland corporation. While many of the details are still uncovered and unknown, there are too many similarities between Ace Tone products and what became Roland in the 1970s. Ace Tone offered a guitar amplifiers in both solid-state and tube variations, bass guitar amplifiers, and vocal/channel mixer amplifiers. Most used Ace Tone amplifiers range in value between $50 and $200 depending on the amount of features and condition.

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