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Amplifiers currently built in Raleigh, NC since 2007.
3 Monkeys was founded by guitar tech Greg Howard, former Blockhead amp builder Ossie Ahsen, and Aermosmith guitarist Brad Whitford. Howard began working as Whitford's touring guitar tech in 2002 and as Howard was searching for gear per Whitford's request in 2003, he came in contact with Ahsen who was still building Blockhead amps. Whitford began using Blockhead amps and in 2005 they began discussing building a custom amp and Howard starting his own amp company. Toward the end of 2006, the three of them decided to start building amplifiers, and Ahsen builds an amp specifically for Whitford that becomes the first 3 Monkeys prototype. Howard stopped touring in 2007 and Ahsen moved to North Carolina to focus solely on building guitar amplifiers. Prototypes and revisions were produced through 2007 and by the summer of 2008, 3 Monkeys Amps was taking orders for production models. For more information visit 3 Monkeys' website or contact them directly.

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