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USA CUSTOM EXOTIC WOOD MODEL UCEW1-BE/LC/FM/QM Get Pricing - offset double cutaway mahogany body, bird's-eye maple (1991 only), lacewood (1991 only), flame maple, or quilt maple top, bolt-on bird's-eye maple neck, 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay, double locking tremolo, six-on-one-side tuners, black hardware, two humbucker and one single coil DiMarzio pickups HSS, two knobs (v, tone), five-way switch, available in Amber, Natural, Trans. Blue, Trans. Ebony, Trans. Purple, or Trans. Red finish, mfg. 1991-92.
USA CUSTOM GRAPHIC (UCGR & NO NAME) MODELS Get Pricing - offset double cutaway basswood body, bolt-on maple neck, 24-fret bound rosewood fingerboard with sharktooth inlay, double locking tremolo, six-on-one-side tuners, bound peghead, black hardware, various DiMarzio or Ibanez single coil/humbucker pickups, volume/tone control, available in various finishes (refer to model overview), mfg. 1991-92.
USA CUSTOM METAL MODELS (UCMD1) Get Pricing - RG-style basswood body, bolt-on one-piece maple neck, 24-fret maple or rosewood fingerboard, six-on-one-side tuners, Edge vibrato, two single coil and one humbucker DiMarzio pickups HSS, two knobs, five-way switch, black hardware, available in Gray Snake, Serpent, or Silver Peacock finish, mfg. 1991 only.
USRG10 PRESTIGE Get Pricing - RG-style offset double cutaway alder body, AA figured maple top, bolt-on All-Access maple neck, 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with offset dot inlays, matching headstock with six-on-one-side tuners, Gotoh fixed bridge, two exposed DiMarzio humbucker pickups, two knobs (v, tone), five-way switch, black chrome hardware, available in Honey Sunburst (1994 only) or Trans. Blue finish, mfg. 1994-95.
USRG20 PRESTIGE Get Pricing - similar to the USRG10, except has a Lo-Pro Edge vibrato bridge with locking nut, available in Honey Sunburst, Trans. Purple, or Trans. Red finish, mfg. 1994-95.
USRG30 PRESTIGE Get Pricing - similar to the USRG10, except has a AAA figured maple top, bound rosewood fingerboard, and a Lo-Pro Edge vibrato bridge with locking nut, available in Trans. Black, Trans. Blue, Trans. Coral, Trans. Green, Trans. Purple, Trans. Red, or Trans. Sienna finish, mfg. 1994-96.
IBANEZ ELECTRIC: USA MODELS Ibanez has tried building American-made guitars several times. The first attempt was in 1988 with the American Master Series. The Ibanez Custom Shop was moved to North Hollywood, California in 1990. Official models were released in 1990 and lasted until 1991. Models include the MA1FM Flame Maple (1991), MA1QM Quilted Maple (1991), MA2HSH (1990), MA3HH (1990), and the MA3HSH (1990). In 1991, the USA Custom Graphic Series was introduced. Generally speaking, all of these models have the same specifications with different finishes. Numbered models include: UCGR1 Surprise (1991), UCGR2 The Winged Being (1991), UCGR3 Guitar Ecstasy (1991), UCGR4 Leather & Metal (1991), UCGR5 The Nail's Trails (1991), 92UCGR5 Unzipped (1992), UCGR6 Chop Shop (1991), 92UCGR6 Sea Monster (1992), UCGR7 The Metal Web (1991), 92UCGR7 Alien's Revenge (1992), UCGR8 Unraveled Consciousness (1991), 92UCGR8 Cosmic Swirl II (1992), UCGR9 Trick or Treat (1991), UCGR10 Ice World (1991-92), UCGR11 No Bones About It (1991-92), UCGR12 Cosmic Swirl (1991), UCGR13 The Grim Reaper (1991-92), and UCGR14 The Angels Depart (1991-92). Other models produced strictly in 1991 that don't have specific model name/numbers but are named by their finish include: Chopper, Dark Horse, Digital Madness, Dragon Tattoo, Get It Away, Grave Situation, Gray Marble, Last Cigarette, Music of the Sphere, Predator, Purple Marble, Roadsong, Screaming Eagle, Silver Rain, Southbound, Streetwise, Strung Out, The Icy Hand of Death, and The Necromancer's Castle. The USA Custom Metal Series was released in 1991 with three models that have animal themes: The UCMD1GS Gray Snake, UCMD1SK Silver Peacock, and the UCMD1ST Serpent. Another line was released in 1991 that featured exotic wood tops. The USA Custom Exotic Series were produced between 1991 and 1992 and included these models: UCEW1BE Bird's-eye maple (1991), UCEW1LC Lacewood (1991), UCEW1FM Flame Maple (1991-92), and the UCEW1QM Quilt Maple (1991-92). Pricing on these models is difficult because there are so many variations and very few that surface in the used marketplace. Keep in mind that most of these guitars retailed for around $1,500 in the early 1990s and sold between $1,000 and $1,200 in most cases. Pricing will reflect the finish more than the configuration of the guitar (pickups, wood, etc.).
American-made guitars surfaced again in 1994 with the USA Custom USRG Series that were built by PBC. These guitars are U.S. versions of the popular RG series and models include the USRG10, USRG20, and USRG30. This series lasted until 1996.

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