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Instruments previously built in Wheeling, IL, from 1990 to 2002.
Luthier Yuriy Shishkov was born in 1964 in St. Petersburg. As with many other guitar makers, Shishkov began his career from discovering a big personal attraction to music. After spending ten years playing guitars that he found unsatisfactory, Yuriy attempted to build his own instrument in 1986. The results amazed everyone who played the instrument, including Yuriy himself! From this initial bit of success, Yuriy gained a reputation as a luthier as well as several orders for guitars.
In 1990, Yuriy moved to Chicago, Illinois. A year later, he secured a job at Washburn International, a major guitar company based in Chicago. His experience with personal guitar building lead him to a position of handling the difficult repairs, restorations, intricate inlay work, company prototypes, and the custom-built instruments for the artist endorsees.
Yuriy is no longer producing guitars as of 2002. He is currently the Senior Master builder at the Fender Custom Shop, and for more information on his Fender Custom Shop instruments, refer to his unofficial Russian website.

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