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Instruments previously built in Calimesa, CA between 1989 and the mid-1990s. Distributed by WRC Music International, Inc. in Hemet, CA.
After designing guitar models that updated and surpassed their original inspirations, luthier/designer Wayne R. Charvel left his namesake company. Charvel designed one model for Gibson (the US-1) that quite frankly looks like a Charvel Model 6 with "Gibson" on the (Charvel-style) pointy headstock.
In 1989, Wayne Charvel formed a new company that produced guitars under the Ritz trademark. Only a handful were built before the logo was changed to WRC (Wayne R. Charvel) in 1990. WRC produced a number of "one- off" specialty guitars as well as the Neptune Series, which uses seashells as part of the top inlay, which was designed in conjunction with staff member Eric J. Galletta. WRC produced guitars through the mid-1990s, and in 1998, Charvel founded Wayne guitars, which is run by Charvel and his son Michael.

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