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Instruments currently built in Sheffield, IL. Wollerman Guitars also builds instruments for Supervolt, Stone Axe, Biggun, Brick, and Junk trademarks. Wollerman Guitars also markets Ledsled amplification and V-Max pickups.
Luthier/designer Mark Wollerman has been building handcrafted instruments since 1979. Wollerman, a guitarist himself, built his "new" guitar years ago when his finances were low. The Devastator, Wollerman´s first handcrafted guitar, was used constantly as he participated with bands. Outside of a few model revisions, the same guitar is still currently produced. Wollerman founded his company in the early 1980s on the premise of building affordable guitars for musicians.
Wollerman offers over 170 guitar body designs, each which are available in eight different lines and five different sizes. Wollerman also offers electric mandolins and electric violins. Wollerman instruments are currently available both in the U.S., and in 21 countries worldwide. A large 112 page catalog of options and body styles is available for a nominal fee. For further information, please contact Wollerman guitars directly.
According to Mark Wollerman, some of the more popular body styles are the Raider, Swept-Wing, Pro-57, J.P. 63, Blaster, Twister, Torqmaster, and the Junkmaster.

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