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Instruments currently produced in Evry, France since 1980. Distributed in the U.S. by Vigier Guitars.
Luthier Patrice Vigier has been offering high quality solid body instruments since the early 1980s, and features advanced original designs. Vigier guitars and basses are known for the high technology used in their design process. For example, the Nautilus model bass that debuted in 1983 had an on board circuitry design that allowed instant access to nineteen pre-programmed control settings that were stored by the player. In 1997, Vigier celebrated ten years that they have been producing their 10/90 Neck. This neck is composed of 10% carbon graphite, 90% wood; the graphite is used to stabilize and strengthen the wood neck. In just the past few years, a number of the guitar manufacturers in the guitar and bass building industry adopted graphite for the same reason. Vigier was previously distributed by Palyers International of San Dimas, California.
In 1980, Vigier introduced the Delta Metal fingerboard. This fingerboard was made from a unique alloy, produced sustain comparable to fretted instruments, was rich in harmonics, featured a uniform hard surface that stayed even (no dips or valleys), and was certainly visually exciting. Vigier has re-issued the Delta Metal fingerboard in 1998 as an option on models like the Passion and Arpege. Models like the Excalibur guitar and Excess bass with the Delta Metal fingerboard will be called the Surfreter.

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