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Instruments currently built in Woodstock, NY. Distributed by Veillette Guitars. Veillette has been producing guitars since 1991.
Joe Veillette has worked with both Harvey Citron and Stuart Spector as well as doing custom work under his own brand name. Veillette is co-designer with Michael Tobias of the Alvarez Avante series of acoustic guitars, baritones, and basses. Veillette currently is building his own namesake Mark III Baritone 12-String, Mark VI Baritone 6-String, and Mark IV Bass. Veillette's baritones are used by Steve Miller, Brad Whitford (Aerosmith), Neal Schon, and John Sebastian. For further information, please contact Veillette Guitars directly.
Even though Veillette Guitars appear to be acoustic electric instruments, the company refers to them as electric/acoustic, and because of this, these models are included in the Blue Book of Electric Guitars. One of Veillette's new ideas is a Baritone-scale replacement neck that fits a Strat or Tele model's neck pocket. The Deep Six baritone conversion necks is marketed by WD Products. For more information, contact Veillette directly or visit their website.

From Blue Book Publications:

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