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Instruments previously built in Brooklyn and Kingston, NY from 1976 to 1983.
The Veillette-Citron company was founded in 1975 by namesakes Joe Veillette and Harvey Citron. Rather than copy the current staus quo, both Veillette and Citron built high quality neck-through guitar and bass models that featured brass hardware and their own pickups. The Veillette-Citron company made their official debut at the 1976 NAMM show, and production followed soon after. Working by themselves, and sometimes joined by a workforce of up to five employees, Veillette-Citron instruments were entirely handcrafted.
After the company closed its doors in 1983, Citron went on to write straightforward, fact-filled columns for Guitar Player magazine (also Bass Player and Guitar World) and produced a 90 minute video tape entitled Basic Guitar Set- Up and Repair (Homespun Tapes). Citron also licensed the X-92 ┬┤Breakaway┬┤ to the Guild company in 1985. Citron debuted a new line of guitars and basses in 1994, which featured both bolt-on and neck-through designs and Citron- designed pickups.
Joe Veillette began performing with the musical group the Phantoms during the 1980s, and returned to guitar building in 1991 when he formed a partnership with Stuart Spector. Veillette reintroduced his Shark Baritone guitar, and later left to start his own shop. In addition to custom built guitars, Veillette has also done some consulting work for other instrument manufacturers. Source: Baker Rorick, Vintage Guitar Magazine.

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