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Instruments currently produced in Newbury Park, CA since 1984.
Luthier/designer Tom Anderson founded Tom Anderson Guitarworks in 1984, following a stint at Schecter as vice president from 1977 to 1984. Anderson´s interest and exploration of tonewoods and the overall interaction of the guitar´s parts have led to a refined and defined tone in his instruments.
All specs and orders are maintained on the company database. For anyone interested in recreating his or her favorite Anderson instrument, each guitar has a file in the database. Furthermore, there´s a good chance the original builder is still on staff - and that someone will probably remember building the first instrument!
According to Roy Fought, nearly 6,000 instruments were produced in the company´s first eight years of history. According to Fought, the company is structured towards building guitars for the individual player´s style, and that the tonewood and pickup combinations are combined to enhance what the player wants to get out of his instrument.

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