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Instruments currently built in Brooklyn, NY since 1974.
Luthier Carl Thompson moved to New York in 1967, and began working as a repairman in Dan Armstrong's guitar shop as a means to round out his income as a musician. In 1971, he formed a new shop with fellow guitarist Joel Frutkin, and by 1974, was working on his own bass guitar designs. Thompson has built basses for such luminaries as Anthony Jackson, Stanley Clarke, and Les Claypool. Carl is attributed with creating both the first electric piccolo bass (commissioned by Stanley Clarke) the first electric six-string bass (commissioned by Anthony Jackson) as well as the first fretless six string bass.
Luthier Thompson generally produces fifteen to twenty basses a year. Prices on basses start at $4,500 for a four-string with each additional string an extra $1,000. Several options are available, so the best way to get an accurate price on a guitar is to contact Thompson directly.

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