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Also appears as Thomas Custom Guitars, or simply Thomas. Instruments previously built in Kent, WA during the early 1960s.
Flamboyant luthier Harvey Thomas built quality semi-hollowbody guitars whose designs bent the "laws of tradition" that conservative semi-hollowbody guitars normally adhere to. Thomas is also well-known for his explorations into the solid body design world as well. Models include the Mandarin, the Mod, Riot King, or the Maltese Surfer.
Most Thomas guitars feature 6-on-a-side headstock that looks like it could be hung up, a slim neck design, and 21-fret fingerboard that is clear of the body, and glitter or mirror pickguards. The Maltese Surfer looks like a Maltese Cross with a neck attached to one of the four sides. You´ll know one when you see one, but you won´t believe what you´re looking at! Source: Tony Bacon, The Ultimate Guitar Book.

From Blue Book Publications:

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