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Instruments currently produced in Austin, TX since 2006.
Luthier Teye founded Teye guitars in 2006. Teye grew up in The Netherlands and moved to Spain where he learned to play Flamenco guitar. After he obtained his visa into the U.S., Teye received two Tony Zemaitis guitars from him. One look at Teye's guitars will give the impression that they are inspired by Zemaitis, which is partly true, but Teye has added his favorite features to set his guitars apart including 24-fret fingerboards, heel-less necks, and much more elaborate electronics. Teye's guitars feature ornate engravings and inlays all over the guitar. Teye offers a wide variety of instruments ranging in prices between $2,650 and up to nearly $50,000! For more information, visit Teye's website or contact him directly.

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