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Instruments currently produced in Woodinville, WA.
John Devitry and staff at Stump Preacher Guitars continue to offer an innovative full scale "travel guitar" that is only 27 in. long! The Stump Preacher is currently available in 3 models, the Straight 6 (6 tuners on left or right side of body, $995 MSR), the Stumpy V6 (3 tuners on each side of body, $950 MSR), and the Teardrop V6 (3 tuners on each side of body, $799 MSR). These Stump Preacher models are constructed of high impact polyurethane and feature a neck core which can be adjusted for density, therefore producing different tones. The guitars are equipped with an EMG dual model (disc. ) or Lace transducer pickup (various configurations), rosewood fingerboard, Schaller tuners, and a headless neck/reverse tuning system that is highly innovative! Currently, there are 8 different finishes to choose from. All Stump Preacher guitars have a built-in headphone amplifier. For further information, please contact Stump Preacher Guitars directly.

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