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Instruments currently produced in Korea. Distributed by Stromberg Guitars in North Ft. Myers, FL. Stromberg has been producing guitars since 2001. Stromberg previously produced guitars in Boston, MA between circa 1906 and the mid-1950s.
Stromberg started building acoustic archtop guitars circa 1906, and by the mid-1950s when they stopped producing, they had established themselves as a premier guitar builder with a rich tradition. Since all Stromberg guitars built between 1906 and the mid-1950s were acoustic, refer to the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars for a full listing. Between the mid-1950s and 2000, the Stromberg name was not used on guitars, and in 2001, Larry Davis resurrected Stromberg Guitars. Rather than building recreations of the vintage models Mr. Davis' goal is to offer the same techniques of vintage construction combined with modern production methods to produce a high quality line of models that are reasonably priced. The new Stromberg guitars are produced in Korea in accordance with strict material and quality standards. All guitars are finalized, fully set-up, and inspected at Stromberg's U.S. facility before being shipped. Major components are supplied by W.D. Music, Kent Armstrong pickups, Kluson tuning machines, and TonePros locking bridge/tailpiece sets on thinline models. For more information, visit Stromberg's website or contact them directly.

From Blue Book Publications:

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