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Instruments previously built in West Germany from 1988 through 1994. Distributed through Shadow Electronics of America, Inc. of Stuart, FL.
Shadow produced high quality solid body guitars for six years. The company still continues to produce their high quality pickups and transducers, as well as their SH-075 Quick Mount MIDI guitar system. The SH-075 Quick Mount MIDI system combines a hex pickup and the output of a guitarĀ“s magnetic pickups to generate a MIDI signal. The SH-075 also has an onboard alphanumeric keypad for sending program changes, assigning MIDI channels, tuning, and other functions. The splitter box at the other end of the MIDI cable decodes the signal into MIDI information and an analog sound from the pickups. Shadow pickups can be ordered as aftermarket replacements, and also can be found in other guitar manufacturers' products.

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