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Instruments currently built in Izola, Slovenia. Distributed by Sever Musical Instruments and Equipment, Ltd. of Izola, Slovenia.
Sever is offering solid body electric guitar models that feature several innovative hardware and design ideas. Sever instruments are hand crafted out of select tone woods, and feature top electronics and hardware. Sever guitars are present on the market since 1978, sound and tonal properties of Sever guitars are a result of carefully studied construction concept and combining different tone woods of highest quality. Guitars are light in weight and fully ergonomicaly shaped, offer rich acoustic tone with powerfull attack and long sustain, transfer vibrations across entire instrument including neck and peg head - the vibrations are strongly noticable under fingers. Usual delivery time is six months, or more depending on customer demands. Sever offers also a line of professional high-end EU made luthier tools SUMMIT, advanced and ergonomically shaped tool for time saving mode operations and a work well done. Very popular for guitar building and guitar repair as well. Quality guitar and bass guitar hardware made from stainless steel - custom options available, aluminum potentiometer knobs with best grip in industry, precisely made, hand polished and assembled, available in different platings (Nickel, Chrome, etc.) with engraving options, various inlay options, custom and personal options ... stainless steel and 18% nickel silver frets Sound Detonator in different dimensions, carbon reinforcement rods - special shaped, custom strings for electric guitars and basses... For further information, contact Sever Musical Instruments and Equipment, Ltd. directly.

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