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Instruments currently built in Frazerview (Malvern), PA since the early 1950s.
Luthier Eric Schulte began repairing instruments in the early 1950s, mostly his own and for his close friends. Soon afterward, Schulte began building semi-hollowbody guitars of his own design that featured a distinct six-on-one-side headstock, two humbuckers, dual cutaway body with florentine-style horns, and a raised pickguard (a much cooler version of a Gibson Trini Lopez model, if you will). Schulte currently builds a number of different style models now.
Schulte is mostly self-taught, although he did learn a good bit in the 1960s while working at the Philadelphia Music Company of Limerick, Pennsylvania. Sam Koontz, the late builder of Koontz guitars also worked there and the two shared trade secrets. During the Bluegrass and Folk music heydays Schulte made more than 130 fancy five-string banjo necks.
Schulte's Music Company of Malvern, Pennsylvania offers both new and used musical instruments, amplifiers, instrument repair and customizing, and his own custom electric guitars and basses. Schulte has been repairing and building guitars for over sixty years and is still at it as he enjoys the work, challenges, and the opportunity to meet some wonderful musicians.
Some of Schulte┬┤s more notable customers were the late Jim Croce, Paul Stanley (Kiss), Randy Bachmann and Blair Thornton (B.T.O.), Joe Federico, Sergio Franchi, Bill Fisher, Chuck Anderson, Banjo Joe Dougherty, Dennis Sandole, and Roger Sprung, (Biographical information courtesy C. Eric Schulte, July 1997, updated January 2006).

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