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Instruments previously produced in Rome, Italy. Distributed in the U.S. market by the Santucci Corporation of New York City, NY.
The ten-string Santucci TrebleBass was developed by Sergio Santucci, a professional musician who has played guitar all over the world. Santucci began to develop the idea of combining the guitar and bass onto a one necked instrument as he was very fond of both. The desire to reproduce the original sound of the 4-string bass together with the guitar was "so strong that I had destroyed five instruments to achieve this project," notes Santucci. The Treblebass combines the 6-strings of a guitar with the 4-strings of a bass all on one neck, and is especially designed to expand the two-handed tapping style of play. The active circuitry of the individual guitar/bass pickups are wired to separate outputs (thus processing the two individual outputs to their respective amplification needs), and can be switched on and off independently. The two octave fretboard and custom made Gotoh tremolo/bass tailpiece give any guitarist ample room for exploration across the sonic range. For further information, contact designer Santucci directly (see Trademark Index).

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