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Instruments previously produced in Italy circa late 1960s.
Sano electric models resemble the Fender Jaguar. The Sano three-way pickup selector toggle switch´s positions are labeled as routed inscriptions in the pickguard; the positions are labeled T, ALL, and B. Apparently they stand for "Top," "ALL" (both pickups combined), and "Bottom" - something gets lost in translation from Italian.
The Sano electric has an offset double cutaway asymmetrical solid body (wood unknown), bolt-on maple neck, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlay, 6-on-a-side chrome tuners, floating bridge/vibrato tailpiece, w/b/w laminated plastic pickguard, two single coil pickups, volume and tone controls, three-way selector. Available in solid finishes. The neckplate is inscribed "N. 1000," perhaps the model designation. Sano electric guitars in average condition are worth around $150 (source: Walter Murray, Frankenstein Fretworks).

From Blue Book Publications:

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