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Instruments previously produced in Cincinnati, OH during the late 1990s.
Luthier Rick Hayes of Cincinnati, OH produced a limited number of Looney Tunes character-shaped guitars in the late 1990s. In the mid-1990s, Hayes started designing these guitars and by 1998 he had produced prototypes and received a licensing agreement with Warner Brothers. At the Summer NAMM show in 1998, Hayes introduced his first Looney Tunes model, which featured Bugs Bunny. However, Hayes' Bugs Bunny model was actually shaped like Bugs and had two long ears protruding from the bass bout. Other models were to be introduced including a Sylvester with Tweety Bird and a Yosemite Sam model, but it is unknown if these were ever put into production. Each guitar character was slated for production of 100 guitars and they retailed for $12,000 each. These guitars were sold through R. Hayes Instruments' website, Warner Brothers Studio stores, and other retail outlets. Source: Lyn Ebbing, R. Hayes Instruments.

From Blue Book Publications:

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