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Guitars currently produced in Everett, WA since 2006. Distributed by Rockit Guitars.
Innovator and designer Rod "Hot Rod" MacKenzie, best known for creating custom cars, motorcycles, boats and airplanes, developed the Rockit Guitar for fun after getting the idea from his motorcycle's gasoline tank. MacKenzie took an actual steel motorcycle gas tank, reshaped it and with his friend, luthier Bill Rehberg, attached some used electric guitar parts to it. The Rockit Guitar was born as a symbol of the unity between music and motorcycles. After a year of obsessive tinkering, Rod perfected his tuned harmonic cage design that harnesses string vibrations and transfers it through to a tuning rod. The harmonic cage fastened under the dash is then bolted to the truss rod that runs up the neck and is fastened to the brass nut. Combined with the light weight composite body, the guitar produces incredible tones and unparalleled sustain and harmonic control. The weight was also reduced from its original 28 lbs. to just over 9 lbs. The prototype models were completed in the fall of 2006, and the first production model was delivered to Toby Keith and publicly released in his March 2007 hit video "High Maintenance Woman." Besides the unique gas tank-shaped body, other features of the guitar include a custom maple neck featuring a signature flamed dimensional headstock and flamed fretboard inlay, two Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups wired single/double coil offering six positions, and a speedometer that is actually a digital full chromatic tuner. Each guitar is hand-built by MacKenzie and his staff, and they only plan on building 650 total instruments. There will be 500 Standard Model (MSR $4,995) guitars built and 150 Special Edition (MSR $6,995) guitars built. Mike Soldano created a special matching 110 watt tube 2-12 in. speaker combo amp called the Soldano Rockit V-Twin (MSR $3,495) which is exclusively available through Rockit Guitars. For more information, visit Rockit Guitars' website or contact them directly.

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