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Instruments previously built in Houston, TX between 1982 and 2010. Distributed by Alamo Music Products of Houston, TX.
In 1972, David Wintz teamed up with a friend to open a guitar shop in Houston, TX. After ten years of dealing, repairing, and restoring vintage guitars, Wintz began building quality instruments and offering them for sale in 1982. At first, guitars were built in both Japan and American, but by the late 1980s, all Robin guitars were produced in the U.S. In 1993, Wintz, along with pickup winder Bart Wittrock, introduced Rio Grande pickups and Robin has used these in their guitars ever since. In 1995, Wintz introduced the Metropolitan brand of guitars that are based on the old National Res-O-Glas models.
While Robin offers several standard models, just about anything can be custom ordered. Keep in mind that all models and finishes listed in this section are based on standard features in Robin catalogs and price lists. All Robin guitars should be identified and evaluated individually. Also, Robin produced a line of bass guitars through the late 1990s, but they focused on guitars through the 2000s. In December, 2010, Robin announced that they were discontinuing production of their entire line of guitars. They continue to offer Rio Grande pickups.

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