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Instruments currently built in Jensen Beach, FL since 1994.
In addition to building custom instruments of every conceivable type, Luthiers Pat O'Donnell and Tim O'Donnell also offer their own line of standard guitars that are true workhorses. The Standard line of guitars starts with The Barebones at $1,500, the Standard at $1,850, the Stereo Thin Line at $2,500, and the Tulip Hollow Body at $3,200. Their custom instruments all feature a laminated neck and a plethora of woods to choose from achieving an amazing sounding instrument and a work of art. Resurrection Guitars has gained a notable reputation for the quality repair work thay have been doing for fifteen years.
Resurrection Guitars is authorized by Pete Cripe to build exact replicas of the Jerry Garcia "Lightning Bolt" guitar (which was built for Jerry by Pete's son, the late Steve Cripe). These guitars are available by custom order, and only a very limited number will be obtainable. For more information, contact Resurrection directly.

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