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Instruments currently built in Santa Cruz, CA. Sales and marketing are done by John Connolly & Co. in Northport, NY.
Renaissance Guitars are built by luthier Rick Turner, one of the original three partners that formed Alembic in 1970. In 1978, he left Alembic to form Turner Guitars, and opened a workshop in 1979 in Novato, California. Although artists such as Lindsey Buckingham favored Turner's guitars, the company was closed in 1981. Turner's records show that approximately 130 instruments were built during that time period (1979-1981).
Rick Turner is well-known and respected for his innovative designs that oftentimes utilize a retro style with state-of-the-art construction, materials, and most importantly, his proprietary electronics, which give amazing results. As well as building instruments, Rick Turner has written countless columns on guitar building, repairs, and products profiles in guitar magazines. Turner reopened his guitar shop in 1989, and now offers a range of instruments under both the Renaissance and Rick Turner trademarks. For more information, visit Renaissance's website or contact them directly.

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